Change management - we know how to do it without any major losses through friction

Are you planning structural changes in your company? Do you want to optimise processes or improve the corporate culture? With our many years of operational experience in change management, we will support you in implementing a new HR strategy. We design change processes so that concerns and fears among your employees are avoided because we make the changes comprehensible for everyone – right from the start.

Planning complex change processes correctly


In change management processes, it is crucial to keep an eye on the effects at different levels: Company processes change, former company structures are broken up and re-established, employees need to be brought on board. This is a complex process in which we apply our entire change management expertise.

Managing change - with a well-thought-out hr concept

Every form of change is initially met with resistance from employees – a normal reaction, as very few people want to give up old habits and enter unchartered waters. Therefore, it is essential to involve managers and employees in a change process from the beginning and bear their needs in mind. Furthermore, we make change management transparent and so increase everyone’s motivation for supporting the change process.

Management and employee coaching

In addition to the correct communication strategy, direct implementation is crucial in practice: We coach employees and managers, break down resistance and transform them into a productive force. This is where we also use cross-mentoring and reverse-mentoring. The latter means that younger employees – who are often better at driving digital transformation through their digital competence – work closely with experienced managers.

Change processes are an opportunity for success

Good planning and quick adaptation to current developments are the key elements of successful and agile change management. As experienced consulting experts, we know the structures of medium-sized companies very well and are aware of which adjustments need to be made to manage specific changes. We are happy to support you in implementing and cementing changes in your business organisation. Use our experience for your future success!

Support for mergers and acquisitions

Internationalisation, site expansion and mergers & acquisitions (M&As) are typical situations for change management. Pre-merger consulting plays as necessary a role as post-merger integration (PMI). We support you holistically from an HR perspective and harmonise existing HR systems for smooth integration.

Process optimisation and digital transformation

Social and economic change requires continuous process optimisation and a highly agile HR department. In digital transformation, in particular, the integration of cross and reverse-mentoring enables a cultural change that allows employee potentials to be fully exploited.

Downsizing and restructuring

The primary goal in a crisis is to keep a company going. This requires not only staff reductions and social plan negotiations but also a new HR structure. Therefore, we redefine responsibilities and ensure feasible HR solutions that make the company fit for the future during our interim HR management.

Your Benefits

How we can support you
You involve all employees in the change management processes and improve their identification with the company
You realise the potential of your employees and increase efficiency and productivity
You improve employee satisfaction and corporate culture sustainably
You minimise costs by resolving conflicts of interest during a change or by avoiding them from the outset
You take the pressure off managers and create freedom - we take over the design and implementation of change management


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